ELMCIP v1.30 released

By steinmb, 3 December, 2018

Version 1.30 is out. As usual have we addressed problems and introduced improvements. We also now support ORCID on persons records. Ciritcal writing and creative work now support DOI information.

Short list of changes

Here is the short list of changes. More details found on our github site and the attached changelog.

  • a8b6514 Issue 394 Use hook_ds_pre_render_alter instead of node preprocess
  • 99cd40f Issue 394 Update permissions settings
  • 262b68d Issue 394 Flag custom code refactoring
  • 9043908 Issue 394 Track user role permissions
  • 074cbcc Issue 394 Flag Librarian permission settings
  • 5e1d951 Issue 394 Enable flag sudo field on work and creative writing
  • 5e0b871 Issue 394 Export Librarian flag settings
  • 066ea62 Issue 394 Only allow Library group use of Flags
  • 970cd09 Issue 373 Field validator and field formatter
  • 7e4239c Issue 373 New field field_doi to store DOI data
  • e0e4a93 Updated composer php version. jumping to PHP 7.2.x
  • 96099e6 Module update File Entity (file_entity)  7.x-2.23 -> 7.x-2.25
  • 5ea4b8b Drupal core Drupal  7.60  -> 7.61
  • 039ee6f Module update File Entity 7.x-2.22 -> 7.x-2.23
  • 03c89ad Issue 374 New field to store ORCID link in persons
  • 2ede8d8 Module update search_api 7.x-1.25 search_api_db 7.x-1.7
  • 0228b3e Search API Solr Search - SA-CONTRIB-2018-065
  • 79cba1e Module update google_analytics 7.x-2.5
  • 1d8a2ec Module update Features 7.x-2.11
  • e3f0fa2 Module update display suite 7.x-2.16
  • 8ed4f69 Module update diff 7.x-3.4
  • 0285054 Module update advanced_help
  • 5ab9879 Module update Libraries 7.x-2.5
  • edbe4e3 Module update Media and File entity
  • cb3c999 Issue 390 Fix name space collision with the Media module
  • 2aecf09 Make fast script not updated to work with search api
  • bb83ce1 Remove use of norstore servers. No longer in use
  • 95ad534 Offline sync getting more usefull thse days
  • 9c07c92 Drupal core 7.59 -> 7.60 SA-CORE-2018-006
  • 474a3f8 Issue 390 Fix theme template files
  • 504d217 Fix incomplete media update
  • eda8601 Module update Media (media)  7.x-2.19 -> 7.x-2.20
  • 4324172 Issue 318 CAPTCHA SPAM prevention modules added
  • 6cdd72d Issue 275 Consistent use the name Platform/Software
  • e2fbde0 Issue 281 Improve creative work narrabase.net static link text
  • e468812 Issue 387 original description help text improvements
  • b232101 Issue 379 Views on person page list content sorted by year
  • f01a4ae Issue 382 Improve gender field help text
  • d30f5cb Issue 392 Events referenced in database record not hyperlinked
  • 7a20b55 Issue 381 Do not render gender field on person nodes
  • b426e92 Issue 372 Autocomplete widget items hardcoded to 10
  • 0d45022 Improve logging and remove deprecated functions.
  • c203f2d ELMCIP helper script