ELMCIP v1.28 released

By steinmb, 21 April, 2018

Important changes: Several security improvements, all field help texts have been improved, SPAM protection service that had reached EOL removed. Aside that, a lot of bugfixes and improvements was rolled.

  • e8f7f49 (HEAD -> production, tag: v1.28, origin/production, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master) Module updat Media (media)  7.x-2.17 -> 7.x-2.18
  • ae8f158 Module DS Security update SA-CONTRIB-2018-019
  • bd53a42 Module update Search API (search_api) 7.x-1.22 -> 7.x-1.24
  • fba186d Module update Search API (search_api) 7.x-1.22 -> 7.x-1.24
  • 929a2c0 Issue 242 Remove view modes and field groups
  • 254bb0d Drupal security update SA-CORE-2018-003
  • b580b7c Issue 242 Removed no longer needed view modes
  • f64f8bf Issue 242 Removed publisher full view mode
  • d4d9c0f Issue 242 remove Platform software full node view mode
  • c38e24d Issue 242 Creative work remove view mode full, token, data_export and teaser
  • df582b8 Issue 338 Left node sidebar content type header
  • 036984a Issue 338 improve field labels and tags layout
  • 95fa733 Module update Devel (devel)  7.x-1.5 -> 7.x-1.6
  • f7b8467 Add a clear cache to site-upgrade script
  • d7d7e01 Mollom Update features
  • ad2e2ab Helper function to disable and uninstall modules.
  • 694f8f2 Fix mollom
  • 48eca5a Issue 353 - Incorrect loading js break entity autoloading
  • 0d4e7fa Theme cleanup. Comment module uninstalled, template files removed
  • dd9435b Moved hook_update_N() to .install
  • 440f05a Remove block hard coded region
  • 671e6a9 Issue 318 Disable and uninstall Mollom module
  • 2057e99 Reformatting template file
  • 31a7c28 Remove flawed and unused template file.
  • 7e8e4a7 Module update Advanced help (advanced_help)  7.x-1.3 -> 7.x-1.4
  • 4672379 Module update Views (views)  7.x-3.18 -> 7.x-3.20
  • bf0b01e Module update Media (media)  7.x-2.16 -> 7.x-2.17
  • 583d587 Module upgrade File Entity (file_entity)  7.x-2.16 -> 7.x-2.20
  • 5a45f8c Drupal core 7.58 security update SA-CORE-2018-002
  • 6517ccb Example script that could db schema inconsitency.
  • 8091a89 Update Media family of modules
  • b06811d Module update Chaos tools (ctools)  7.x-1.12 -> 7.x-1.14
  • 0336e21 Module update Chaos tools (ctools)  7.x-1.12 -> 7.x-1.14
  • 15860b6 Drupal core security update SA-CORE-2018-001
  • ed69357 Module update Eva (eva)  7.x-1.3 -> 7.x-1.4
  • 122a2fd Module security update Entity API (entity)  7.x-1.8 -> 7.x-1.9
  • 2e52f16 Issue 224 Improved Databases and Archives field help text
  • 15dbf8c Issue 343 Improve research collection fields help text links
  • 9b3f20a Issue 343 Improve Publisher fields help text links
  • 79f53aa Issue 343 Improve critical writing links in help texts.
  • b8106fd Issue 343 Creative Work make "add the anthology" open in tab
  • 0ac1820 Issue 343 Fix typo in link to node/add.
  • 76c2b1a Removed taxonomy manager from file system
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